Panda BTM lands in Peru with remote crypto-currency purchase services

Panda BTM is expanding throughout Latin America. In this context, they announced their arrival in Peru, with the aim of increasing the alternatives for buying cryptomoney. This is what they informed from their official Medium channel.

„We are making our arrival official in Peru, a country that has shown a growing interest in implementing blockchain technology in different sectors, and where the knowledge and use of crypto-currency is making headway among its residents,“ they said.

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In addition, they detailed that 12 new means of payment are already available that will allow Peruvians to buy crypt coins in their local currency, the sun (PEN).

„As in other countries, we wish to become an alternative gateway to the crypto-currency sector in Peru, which, together with other platforms operating within the country, will help drive the adoption of new digital assets,“ said Panda BTM.

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„With this new expansion, we want to continue helping more enthusiasts to buy crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dai (DAI) and Dash (DASH) in their local Cryptosoft currency,“ they later added.

Benefits that come to Peru with this expansion

Among other things, they pointed out that they have a Bot for messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram, along with their WebApp: „They are two tools that share this approach and allow us to bring the benefits of our platform to the home of users interested in acquiring cryptomonies“.

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„Both can be extremely useful when you want to simply buy crypt coins with the local currency. Operating through any of these tools in a process of just a few minutes, very similar to operating through a cash machine,“ they explained.